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Approved Car Finance in Surrey

If you are looking for an affordable way to buy a car in Surrey then look no further. For the past 25 years Shipley Bridge Garage have been offering high approval car finance in Surrey on a wide range of vehicles in the Shipley Bridge based garage.

If you have a bad credit rating or have been turned down for finance in the past or you are new to financing a vehicle without any previous finance history then let us help you in making a quick and easy guaranteed car finance application today.

We can offer car finance for people with good or bad credit in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex and London. In fact, anywhere in the UK. Need a car and cant get finance?

If anyone can then Shipley Bridge Garage Ltd can.

All vehicles taken in px – finance settled

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Why Finance a Used Car from us

All cars are covered by an RAC warranty – The RAC warranty claim limit is to the value of the car – for example if you purchase a vehicle for £5000 – the claim limit per claim is to the value of the car – now we hope that if you buy a car from Shipley Bridge Garage Ltd you wont need to make any claims at all but isn’t it comforting to know that warranty cover is in place – The warranty can be extended at point of sale for up to 36 months

All our vehicles come with a new MOT and have  been fully serviced including a timing belt replacement where necessary as regards age and mileage

All of our vehicles are HPI clear and a certificate is available at your request

Local and friendly staff to take care of you before and after you buy a vehicle.